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Monitor arms are a great way to boost your productivity at work. With a fully adjustable grommet base, you can easily adjust your monitor to the perfect height for viewing comfort. The side-clamp base makes installation fast and easy and includes all the necessary hardware. Plus, our monitor arms are compatible with most monitors on the market, so you can easily upgrade your setup. With a sleek design and chrome finish, our monitor arms are a stylish addition to any workspace.

As a leading manufacturer, RaxMount wholesale monitor arms with different designs and configurations.

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single monitor arm

Single Monitor Arm

This type of monitor arm is used to mount one monitor in a single position.

Dual monitor arm

Dual Monitor Arm

This type of monitor arm is used to mount two monitors on the desk or wall. The dual monitor mount is best suited for mounting two monitors on the desk or wall.

Multiple monitor arm

Multiple Monitor Arm

This type of monitor arm is used to mount multiple monitors on the desk or wall.

Side-Clamp Desk Arm

Side-Clamp Desk Mount

A side clamp is designed to clamp the monitor arm to the desk. This design is often used in office settings where the desk is not adjustable.

Pole-mounted Monitor Arm

Pole-mounted Monitor Arm

A pole mount monitor arm features a pole that is mounted on a stand.

dual monitor stand

Free-Standing Monitor Stand

Free-standing means that the monitor arm is not attached to the desk. The monitors are supported by a stand.

Monitor Wall Mount

Monitor Wall Mount

When a monitor is mounted on a wall, it is called wall-mounted. It is often used in offices where there is no space to mount the monitors on the desk.

RaxMount: Your Premier Choice Of All Types of Monitor Arms

RaxMount is specialized in TV stand manufacturing since 2009 with rich experience in Articulating monitor arms, Gas spring monitor arms, Free-Standing Monitor stands, Side-Clamp Desk Mount, Pole mounted monitor arms, Pole mounted monitor arms, Monitor wall mounts, and customed monitor arms.

RaxMount: The Advantages of Our Monitor Arms

  • Strong and durable: Our monitor arms are made from durable, chrome-plated steel. Our monitor arm has been tested to withstand up to 25 kgs of weight.
  • Easy to install: Our monitor arm is made with a side clamp base that can be installed on any desk or wall mount.
  • Compatibility: Our monitor arms are compatible with most monitors on the market, so you can easily upgrade your setup.
  • Stylish: Our monitor arms come in 4 different black finishes and 3 different sizes, making them perfect for any workspace.
  • Adjustable: The side-clamp monitor arm can be adjusted to the perfect height for viewing comfort.
  • Easy to clean: Our monitor arms are easy to clean and maintain. They are also compatible with most monitors on the market, so you can easily upgrade your setup.
  • Great for small spaces: Our monitor arm is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for any workspace.
  • Stable design that easily supports any monitors
  • Made of strong and durable material
  • Simple to assemble and disassemble
  • Adjustable height of a monitor
  • Easy to install with the help of a simple instruction
  • Custom finishing accordion to your preference

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    RaxMount: Your Leading Monitor Arms Wholesaler In China

    What is a monitor arm?

    A monitor arm is a tool that allows you to mount a monitor to the wall or on your desk. It is designed to make your screen more accessible and convenient.

    Why should I use an arm monitor?

    There are many benefits of using an arm monitor. Here are just a few:

    • Save space: Using an arm monitor will save you space on your desk, allowing you to have more room for other things.
    • Look professional: Using an arm monitor will make your workspace look more professional, as it will look like you have a large display.
    • Create a unique design: You can create a unique design using our monitors by mixing and matching different sizes and colors of our arms with different-sized monitors. This will give your workspace its own personal design, as well as make it very versatile.
    • Easy to use: Our monitor arms are easy to install and use. They are designed with simple clamps that allow you to adjust the height of the screen easily, so they fit perfectly in any environment or workspace. They also come with cable management padding that keeps cables neat and tidy when not in use.
    • Fully adjustable for perfect viewing: Our monitor arms are fully adjustable and can be adjusted in height, tilt, and swivel to fit any size of the monitor. The arms can be adjusted in height so that they can be set at any angle you feel is comfortable. The arms can also be tilted to the side, allowing you to view things from a different angle, or swiveled to face a different direction if you wish.
    • Portable: Each arm is lightweight yet strong enough to support up to 20 pounds on each arm when fully loaded with monitors (up to 40 lbs total). They are easily portable and can easily be taken anywhere with ease because of their small size and lightweight design. They come with heavy-duty handles that make them easy for one person to carry around (or mount on a wall).

    Types of Monitor Arms

    Monitor arms come in different designs and configurations. According to the number of monitors, there are:

    • Single monitor arm
    • Dual monitor arm
    • Triple monitor arm
    • Multiple monitor arm

    What to Consider When choosing a Monitor Arm

    • Size of the monitor: The size of the screen that the monitor is supporting will determine the type of monitor arm that you need.
    • Adjustability: There are two types of adjustability in monitor arms: tilt and swivel.
    • Motion: Some monitor arms allow you to move the monitors up and down, left and right, and pivot left and right.
    • Stability: The monitor arm should be stable so that it does not fall over when you are using it.
    • Cost: Monitor arms range in price from $15 to $150.
    • Safety: Safety is a big factor when choosing a monitor arm because the monitor should be safe enough to support the weight of the monitor and your computing devices.

    Why choose Raxmount monitor arms?

    Raxmount is a trusted manufacturer of monitor arms. Here are the top reasons why you should choose us.

    • Design: Raxmount monitor arms are designed to be sturdy and durable.
    • Quality: The monitor arms are made of high-quality materials to ensure that they will last for years.
    • Warranty: Raxmount monitor arms come with a lifetime warranty.
    • Customer Support: Raxmount offers free technical support to our customers.
    • Versatility: We have a wide range of monitor arms, and you will definitely find one that will perfectly meet your needs.

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