Gas Spring Monitor Arm

Looking for a monitor arm that is both stylish and functional? Look no further than the Gas spring monitor arm. This full motion adjustability monitor arm is compatible with all popular monitors and is perfect for those who need a little extra help getting things done. With a gas spring system, you will be able to move the monitor arm up and down with ease. The heavy-duty construction, this monitor arm is built to last. It is also VESA compliant, making it easy to install.

As a leading Gas Spring Monitor Arm manufacturer, Raxmount mainly wholesales gas spring monitor arm desk mounts, gas spring monitor wall mounts, gas spring free standing monitor arms, and gas spring pole-mounted monitor arms at a competitive price, we also supply customed gas spring monitor arms according to customers’ designs.

RaxMount: Your Premier Gas Spring Monitor Arm Manufacturer

RaxMount is specialized in Gas Spring Monitor Arm manufacturing since 1999, we wholesale and export different types and sizes of Gas Spring Monitor Arms to the market and you can choose one that best suits your requirement and budget.

RaxMount: The Features of Our Gas Spring Monitor Arms

  • Gas spring system: lets you adjust monitor height with ease
  • Heavy duty materials: The monitor arm is made of stainless steel and strong plastic materials that guarantee its strength and durability.
  • VESA compliant: allows you to install the monitor arm on most standard VESA monitor mounts
  • Easy to assemble: The monitor arm is easy to assemble and install. The mounting hardware is included in the package.
  • Compatible with most monitors: The Gas spring monitor arm is compatible with the most popular monitors.
  • Full motion: This full motion monitor arm allows you to adjust the height of your monitor effortlessly, without having to reach or strain your neck.
Product Category:Gas Spring Monitor Arm
Material:Aluminum, Plastic, Steel
Surface Finish:Powder Coating
Stretch Distance:520mm(20.4″)
Fit Screen Size:15″-27″
Screen Quantity:1
Weight Capacity (per screen):2-6.5KG(4.4lbs-14.3lbs)
VESA Compatible:75×75, 100×100
Tilt Range:+90°~-85°
Swivel Range:+90°~-90°
Screen Rotation:+180°~-180°
Stretch Distance:520mm(20.4″)
Quick Release VESA Plate:No
USB Port:2xUSB 2.0 Port
Cable Management:Yes
Packing Size40×30×12.5cm(15.7″ x11.8″ x4.9″)
Accessory Kit Package:Normal

Wall-Mounted Monitor Arm

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    RaxMount: Your Leading Gas Spring Monitor Arm Wholesaler In China

    What is a gas spring monitor arm?

    A gas spring monitor arm is a type of monitor arm that uses a gas spring to move the screen up and down. It is much easier to mount and adjust than the traditional stand.

    The gas spring system uses a gas spring to do the lifting. The gas spring is an elastic material that can be compressed and then release with little effort, making it ideal for lifting heavy monitors.

    What are the benefits of using a gas spring monitor arm?

    Gas spring monitor arms are easy to adjust and do not require you to strain your neck when you need to adjust your monitor. They are also sturdy, making them great for long hours of use. The gas spring system also allows you to move the display up or down with ease, without having to take off the entire stand. It makes it easier for you to reach all areas of your desk.

    Can I mount my monitor on a gas spring monitor arm?

    Yes, this monitor arm will work with most monitors without any issues. However, some monitors may require an additional bracket or mount that you would need to purchase separately in order to attach your monitor securely to the arm.

    What material is the arm used?

    The arm uses a steel frame and gas springs to lift the monitor. The steel frame ensures that the monitor arm is strong and sturdy. The monitor arm may also feature some heavy-duty plastic materials.

    Can I buy gas spring monitor arms in wholesale?

    Yes, at Raxmount, we offer a large selection of gas spring monitor arms in wholesale. You can buy gas spring monitor arms in wholesale for a lower price.

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