Tilt TV Wall Mount

Tilt wall mounts are great if you have a small space and need to angle the TV to view it properly. Tilting wall mounts also allow you to angle your screen even after installation, which is why they are perfect for smaller spaces. This allows you to keep the viewing angles of your TV at optimum levels while staying in a tight spot.

Tilt wall mounts work by tilting back and forth on two axes to create an angled viewing experience. You’ll want to find one that tilts forwards and backwards as well as side-to-side.

RaxMount: Your Premier Tilt wall mount Manufacturer

RaxMount is specialized in Tilt wall mount manufacturing since 1999, we wholesale and export different types and sizes of fixed TV wall mounts to the market and you can choose one that best suits your requirement and budget.

Features of Raxmount Tilt TV Wall Mounts

Here are the top reasons why you should buy Raxmount tilt TV mounts.

  • Strong and durable: The wall mount TV brackets are made of high-quality steel, the frame is designed to bear 100 lbs. weight capacity, and the TV brackets can be extended up to 21 inches.
  • Easy to install: Raxmount tilt wall mount is easy to install, and you needn’t any tools for installation.
  • Convenient: The tilting angle allows you easily angle your screen even after installation, which is why they are perfect for smaller spaces.
  • Adjustable: The articulating arm extends up to 24 inches from the wall, so it can fit different sizes of TVs and you can adjust the arm on your own according to the distance between two walls or other furniture in your room.
  • Sturdy: The TV brackets are very sturdy and durable, which ensure firm support of your TV on the wall or on the table.
Product Name:Tilt TV Wall Mount
Surface Finish:Powder Coating
Color:Fine Texture Black
Dimensions:133x448x430mm (5.2″x17.6″x16.9″)
Fit Screen Size:32″-70″
Fit Curved TV:Yes
Mounting Hole Pattern :VESA & Universal
VESA Compatible:100×200,200×200,200×300,300×200,
Max. Mounting Hole:410×405
Weight Capacity:75kg (165lbs)
Strength Tested:3 Times Approved
72~133mm (2.8″~5.2″)
Tilt Range:+5°~-10°
Swivel Range:+5°~-5°
Screen Level:6mm
Screen Freely Tilting:Yes
Installation:Solid Wall,Double Stud(406mm)
Panel Type:Detachable Panel
Wall Plate Type:Fixed Wall Plate
Direction Indicator:Yes
Bubble Level:Hook-on Bubble Level(Included in Components Package)

Tilt TV Wall Mount Drawing

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    In terms of the designs, the tilt mounts are quite similar to the full-motion mounts. You’ll find that most of them are easy to install and come with the same features. The big difference is that the tilt mount allows for a greater number of adjustments.

    What are the Tilt TV Wall Mounts made of?

    The tilt mounts are made of both metals and plastics. The metals are usually a combination of aluminum and steel.

    These metals are strong enough to handle large TVs and the weight of the TV itself. They are also durable and long-lasting.

    Plastic is used for the rest of the parts. The plastic is usually ABS, which is very strong. It’s often covered in a rubberized material to ensure the mount stays stable and doesn’t slip during use.

    It’s important to note that while these materials are strong, they aren’t indestructible. You should always be careful when installing them and make sure you don’t damage them during installation or use.

    How to choose tilt tv wall mount?

    When choosing a tilt mount, you need to consider several factors.

    The first is your TV’s size. The mounts are made to handle different sizes of TVs, but not all of them can hold the largest TVs on the market.

    Another factor is the weight of your TV. Choose one that is capable of handling your TV's weight.

    Where to buy wholesale Tilt tv wall mount?

    For bulk buying, always buy from reputable tilt TV wall mount manufacturers such as Raxmount. This way, you can be sure of getting quality and even customized orders.

    At Raxmount, we manufacture a wide range of TV mounts. Til tv mount is just one of our product lines.

    You can contact us for more information.

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