Swivel TV Wall Mount

Swiveling TV mounts, also named Full-Motion TV Wall Mounts, are extremely convenient when it comes to watching TV, listening to music, or playing video games. In fact, swivel TV wall mounts can make all of these things much more enjoyable and convenient.

A swivel TV wall mount provides a number of benefits compared to fixed mounts. With a swivel mount, you will be able to easily adjust the viewing angle of your television as well as have much easier access to the inputs on the back of your set.

However, finding the right swivel mount supplier for your needs can be challenging. And this is why Raxmount is there to ensure that you get the best wall mounts for your TV.

RaxMount: Your Premier Full-Motion Wall Mount Manufacturer

RaxMount is specialized in Swiveling TV Mount manufacturing since 1999, we wholesale and export different types and sizes of Swiveling TV Mounts to the market and you can choose one that best suits your requirement and budget.

Features of Raxmount Swivel TV Wall Mounts

Here are some notable features that you will get from our swivel TV wall mounts:

  • Strong and sturdy: Our wall mounts are made from high-quality materials that ensure that you get the best value for your money. The quality of our mounts is one of the reasons why we have gained a lot of popularity among our clients.
  • Easy to install: Our wall mounts are very easy to install, and this is another reason why they are preferred by a lot of people. In fact, we provide all the hardware you need to mount your TV and instructions on how to do it properly.
  • Great customer service: We provide excellent customer service in every way possible, and this is something that most of our clients love about us. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our products or services, feel free to contact us at any time.
  • Wide range: We offer a wide range of swivel TV wall mounts for different types of TVs including LED, LCD, plasma and other models from different brands. This means that whatever type of TV you own, we will have a mount for it. For example, if you own an LG television set, we will provide an LG mount for it. Our wide range also includes different sizes so that you can easily find a mount that fits your TV perfectly without any issues whatsoever.
  • Another major benefit about purchasing swivel TV wall mounts from Raxmount is that these products come with lifetime warranties so that if there are any issues with them within the first year after purchase, then they will be replaced without any costs involved at all.
By FunctionFull Motion
By Mounting PatternUniversal
Main MaterialCold Rolled Steel
Available ColorBlack & White
Recommended TV Size26″-85″
Tilt+8 to -12 degrees
Swivel120 degrees
Level Adjustment+/- 3 degrees
TV To Wall67-470mm
Loading Capacity60kg/132Ibs
Cable ManagementInclude
Bubble LevelN/A
Strength Tested3 times
PackingColorful Box
Easy InstallationYes

Swivel TV Wall Mount Drawing

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    The Ultimate Full Motion TV Wall Mount Buying Guide

    When it comes to enhancing your TV viewing experience, nothing beats the versatility of a full motion TV wall mount. This comprehensive guide aims to walk you through the essentials of selecting the perfect wall mount for your TV. Whether you have a flat-screen LED or a curved OLED, the right wall mount can make a world of difference. From optimal viewing angles to space-saving designs, full motion TV wall mounts offer a plethora of benefits.

    What is a Full Motion TV Wall Mount?

    Swivel TV Wall MountA full motion TV wall mount, also known as a Swivel TV Wall Mount or an articulating TV wall mount, is not just a simple bracket to hang your TV on the wall. It’s an extensive piece of hardware equipped with adjustable arms, a base plate, and two adjustable TV mounting arms. These features offer a robust mounting base that securely holds your TV while providing the flexibility to adjust its position. Unlike fixed or tilting mounts, full motion mounts offer the versatility to adjust the TV to suit your viewing angle literally. Whether you want to tilt it down to reduce glare or swivel it to the side for a better view from another part of the room, a full motion mount has got you covered.

    Why Choose a Full Motion TV Wall Mount?

    full motion TV mountBenefits of Full Motion Mounts

    When it comes to wall mounts, the full motion variety offers unparalleled benefits that make them a top choice for many homeowners.

    1. Optimal Viewing Angles: One of the most significant advantages of a full motion mount is the ability to adjust the TV for optimal viewing angles. Whether you’re sitting, standing, or even if you’re not directly in front of the TV, the mount allows you to tilt, swivel, and pan the screen to your liking.
    2. Tilt to Reduce Glare: Sunlight streaming through windows can create an annoying glare on your TV screen. Full motion mounts come with a tilt feature that allows you to angle the TV screen away from the light source, reducing glare and improving visibility.
    3. Swivel and Pan for Versatility: These mounts are particularly useful in open-plan homes and small rooms. The swivel and pan features allow you to turn the TV to face different directions, making it easier to watch from various points in the room.

    Essential Features to Look For

    Choosing a full motion TV wall mount involves more than just ensuring it fits your TV size. Here are some essential features to consider:

    • Size and Weight Compatibility: Before making a purchase, ensure the mount can support your TV’s size and weight. Most full motion mounts are compatible with at least a 55-inch TV, but it’s crucial to check the specifications.
    • VESA Pattern Support: VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) patterns are the standard for mounting flat-panel TVs. Make sure the mount you choose supports the VESA pattern of your TV for a secure fit.
    • Quality of Construction: The durability of a wall mount is often determined by its construction material. Opt for mounts made from high-grade steel to ensure longevity and robustness.
    • Post-Install Level Adjustment: Even the most skilled DIYers can make a mistake during installation. Look for mounts that offer post-install level adjustments to correct any minor errors and ensure your TV hangs perfectly straight.
    • Cable Management: A clutter of cables can ruin the aesthetics of your living space. Some mounts come with right-angle adaptors for cable connections, providing a cleaner look.

    Installation Considerations

    full motion TV mountInstalling a full motion TV wall mount may seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools and guidelines, it can be quite straightforward. Here are some key points to consider:

    • Wall Types: The type of wall you have can significantly impact the installation process. Timber frame and masonry walls usually come with specific screws and plugs for secure mounting. If you have a steel frame home, it’s advisable to consult your local hardware store for the appropriate mounting hardware.
    • Safety Measures: Safety should be your top priority, especially if you have children or pets. Ensure that the mount is securely attached to the wall to prevent any accidents. Some mounts come with safety locks for added security.

    Pros and Cons of Full Motion TV Wall Mounts

    Swivel TV Wall Mount DrawingAdvantages

    • Versatility in Viewing: The ability to tilt, swivel, and pan makes these mounts extremely versatile, allowing you to enjoy optimal viewing angles in any room setting.
    • Space-Saving: Unlike traditional TV stands, wall mounts save you valuable floor space, making them ideal for smaller living areas.
    • Safety: Wall mounts are generally more secure than placing your TV on a stand, especially if properly installed.


    • Installation Challenges: While generally easy to install, some people might find the process a bit daunting, especially if it’s their first time.
    • Bulkiness: Some designs may extend slightly from the wall, which could be a concern for those looking for a sleek look.


    In summary, a full motion TV wall mount offers unparalleled versatility and enhances your viewing experience. When it comes to quality and durability, Rax Mount stands out as a leading manufacturer in the industry. Our mounts are designed with the user in mind, offering easy installation and exceptional functionality. Make the smart choice; choose Rax Mount for your next TV wall mount purchase.



    How do I choose the best swivel TV wall mount?

    Choosing the best swivel TV wall mount from Raxmount is relatively simple. The first thing that you need to do is to find out what type of TV you have and then select a mount that will fit it perfectly.

    You should also consider your budget as some mounts are more expensive than others, and thus, you may have to spend less on them.

    Can I buy swivel TV wall mounts wholesale?

    Are you in the business of TV accessories? You should consider buying swivel TV wall mounts in bulk, At Raxmount, we offer the best wholesale prices on our swivel TV wall mounts so that you can buy them in bulk and save a lot of money.

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