Video Wall Floor Stand

The video Wall Floor Stand is also named the Video Wall Cart. It simple and sturdy stand is perfect for any home or office looking to add a touch of personality and excitement to their space. The strong and sturdy base ensures that your TV will stay put, while the adjustable height makes it easy to find the perfect angle. Best of all, the Video Wall floor stand accommodates different TV sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your screen.

As a leading TV stand manufacturer, Raxmount mainly supplies 3 types of video floor stands, Mobile Video Floor Stands, Fixed Video Floor Stands, and Freestanding Modular Video Floor Stands, we also can supply Customed Video Floor Stands according to customers’ designs. So why wait? Add a touch of personality and excitement to your space with this video wall floor stand.

RaxMount: Your Premier Video Wall Floor Stand Manufacturer

RaxMount is specialized in Video Wall Floor Stand manufacturing since 1999, we wholesale and export different types and sizes of Video Wall Floor Stands to the market and you can choose one that best suits your requirement and budget.

RaxMount: The Advantages of Our Video Wall Floor Stands

  • Made of high quality aluminum alloy and ABS plastic.
  • Support to hold up 2-8 TV’s at once.
  • Adjustable tilt, swivel, height, and rotation.
  • Convenient cable management system.
  • Accommodates different TV sizes.
  • Simple design hence easy to install and use
  • Perfectly polished for better aesthetics
ModelRX 800ALoading Capacity40kgs Per Mount
ColorBlack or SilverVESA standardMax. 800*400
MetarialAlu. / MetalOrientationLandscape
Suggest Size30-55″Power RailBuilt into the Pillar

Video Wall Floor Stand

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    RaxMount: Your Leading Video Wall Floor Stand Wholesaler In China

    Where are video wall stands used?

    Video wall stands are mainly used in offices and homes. They can be installed in hallways, reception rooms, living rooms and bedrooms. Usually, they are positioned at the center of the room, with the TV placed at the back of the stand.

    How do I use my Video Wall floor stand?

    To use your Video Wall floor stand, open its lid and adjust its height according to the size of your TV so that it is comfortable for you while you watch or work on it. Then, connect your cables and plug in all your devices. Lastly, simply close the lid and enjoy!

    What are the most common applications of video wall floor stands?

    They are also useful for business purposes such as conference rooms where people sit at different desks facing each other and share information on screen among their groups during meetings or trainings sessions; study rooms among many other similar application areas.

    What colors of video wall floor stands are available?

    While black is the most common color for the Raxmount video wall floor stands, you can choose your preferred color to match the interiors of your room.

    How do I clean my Video Wall floor stand?

    You should clean your Video Wall floor stand after each use. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean it. To keep your Video Wall floor stand in good condition and prevent dust from accumulating, wipe it with a soft cloth after each use. Do not scratch or rub the surface of your Video Wall floor stand as this may be harmful to its surface.

    Can I buy video wall floor stand wholesale?

    Yes, you are free to buy video wall floor stands wholesale at Raxmount. The good thing about such kinds of purchases is you will get amazing deals and discounts from your purchase. Simply contact us and place your order for the video wall floor stands in bulk.

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