Articulating Monitor Arm

An articulating monitor arm is perfect for those who want a flexible and adjustable monitor setup. The free-tilting design makes it easy to adjust your monitor, and the cable clip helps keep your workspace tidy. The arm supports both portrait and landscape orientations, and the freely adjusting height makes it easy to find the perfect viewing angle. The detachable VESA plate design makes it easy to install your monitor, and the included hardware makes it simple to set up.

As a leading Articulating Monitor Arm manufacturer, Raxmount mainly wholesales articulating monitor wall mounts, articulating monitor arm stands, and articulating pole-mounted monitor arms, we also supply customed articulating monitor arms according to customers’ designs.

RaxMount: Your Premier Articulating Monitor Arm Manufacturer

RaxMount is specialized in Articulating Monitor Arm manufacturing since 1999, we wholesale and export different types and sizes of Articulating Monitor Arms to the market and you can choose one that best suits your requirement and budget.

RaxMount: The Features of Our Articulating Monitor Arms

  • Swiveling arms: This allows you to position your monitor and keyboard at a comfortable viewing experience
  • Adjustable height: The height is adjustable from 55mm to 165mm
  • VESA plate: For easy installation of the monitor and easy mounting of the keyboard
  • Cable clip: To keep your workspace t since all the wires or cables will be clipped together.
  • Portrait and landscape orientation
  • Mounting hardware included enhancing your installation process
  • Free-Tilting Design: The monitor arm is perfectly adjustable and can be set at different angles
  • Durable and Sturdy: The arm features sturdy aluminum construction and comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Color: Black, silver and other colors
  • Fit Screen Size: 17-32 inch
  • Mounting Hole Pattern: VESA
  • Size: Standard Size or Customized
  • Logo/Label: Customized
  • Package: Export standard packaging.
  • Certification: ISO9001:2000, FDA , SGS
  • MOQ: 100 pcs
  • Delivery: 20 days

Articulating Monitor Arm drawing

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    RaxMount: Your Leading Articulating Monitor Arm Wholesaler In China

    What is an articulating monitor arm?

    An articulating monitor arm is a mounting option for your computer monitor. It allows you to position your monitor and keyboard at a comfortable viewing angle. It comes with a swiveling arm that allows you to adjust the monitor and keyboard at an optimal viewing angle.

    What is VESA mount?

    VESA mount or Video Electronics Standards Association is a standard for mounting computer monitors to the back of your computer. The VESA mount allows you to easily connect your monitor and keyboard without having to worry about getting adapters or cables. It also makes it easy for you to switch from one monitor to another.

    What is the difference between an articulating and a fixed monitor arm?

    An articulating monitor arm can be adjusted at various angles. A fixed monitor arm can only be adjusted at a single angle.

    How do I get my computer monitor to fit on this arm?

    It is best to have your computer's height adjusted with the proper mounting kit before installing any equipment on the arm. The height adjustment kit includes spacers, which are small plastic blocks that fit inside the feet of your monitor. They also give you additional room for adjusting the distance between the back of your keyboard and the top of your monitor. This will allow you to make sure that everything fits properly before attaching it to the monitor arm.

    Do articulating monitor arms fit all the monitors?

    The monitor arm supports a wide range of monitors. It is compatible with LCD, CRT, and projection screens ranging in size from 17-48 inch. In addition, the arm features a universal VESA mount that works with monitors that use either 15 or 200 mm VESA mounting holes.

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