Triple Monitor Arm

Introducing the Triple Monitor Arm from Raxmount! This incredible product is perfect for those who want to take their productivity to the next level. With a design made of aluminum material, this monitor arm is strong and durable, making it perfect for holding up to three screens.

The 360-degree angular adjustment and high adjustment make it easy to adjust your monitors to the perfect position, while the VESA-compliant design means that it will work with different screen sizes.

As a leading Triple Monitor Arm manufacturer, Raxmount mainly wholesales Free-standing triple monitor arms, Triple monitor arm desk mounts, Pole-mounted triple monitor arms, and Triple monitor wall mounts at a competitive price, we also supply customed triple monitor arms according to customers’ designs. Order yours today and see the incredible results!

RaxMount: Your Premier Triple Monitor Arm Manufacturer

RaxMount is specialized in triple monitor arm manufacturing since 1999, we wholesale and export different types and sizes of triple monitor arms to the market and you can choose one that best suits your requirement and budget.

RaxMount: The Features of Our Triple Monitor Arms

  • Made of aluminum material that is strong and at the same time lightweight
  • Designed to support up to three monitors
  • VESA compliant hence easy to install and remove
  • 360 degree angular adjustment allows you to adjust the monitor at any angle for an optimal viewing experience
  • Height adjustment at the bottom of the arm allows you to adjust the height of your monitors
  • Designed with a soft touch mechanism that is gentle on your screens so you can use it for long hours without any problem
  • Integrated cable management system that helps you organize cables on your desk
  • Includes two padded swivel arm pads for added comfort and support
  • Includes all necessary hardware for installation.
  • Color: Black, silver, and other colors
  • Fit Screen Size: 10-27 inch
  • Mounting Hole Pattern: VESA
  • Size: Standard Size or Customized
  • Logo/Label: Customized
  • Package: Export standard packaging.
  • Certification: ISO9001:2000, FDA , SGS
  • MOQ: 100 pcs
  • Delivery: 20 days

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    RaxMount: Your Leading Wholesale Triple Monitor Arm Supplier In China

    What is a triple monitor arm?

    A triple monitor arm is an adjustable arm that allows you to mount three monitors at once. It lets you setup a multi-monitor desk and improve the ergonomics of your work station.

    Why do I need a triple monitor arm?

    A triple monitor arm is useful for anyone who needs to work on more than one monitor at a time. It will allow you to have multiple windows open at the same time, while also allowing you to place your monitors in any position that will give you the best view without obstructing your view of any other screen. A dual monitor arm can only support two monitors, while a triple arm can support up to three screens.

    Advantages of triple monitor arm

    The main benefits of using this type of monitor arm include:

    • Improved ergonomics.
    • Increased workstation space.
    • Displays can be placed in any position, which allows for more comfortable viewing angles.
    • Simplified cable management.
    • Allows you to use multiple monitors at once, which is useful for complex tasks and multitasking.

    Types of triple monitor arms

    The main types of triple monitor arms in the market include:

    • Free-standing triple monitor arm
    • Triple monitor arm desk mount
    • Pole-mounted triple monitor arm
    • Triple monitor wall mount

    Let's have a brief look at each type.

    Free-standing triple monitor arm: This type of triple monitor arm is one of the most common and flexible types. They are typically used for situations where you can freely position your monitors. These arms can be mounted to a wall, desk, or floor.

    Triple monitor arm desk mount: The design of this monitor arm is very similar to the free-standing type, but it is mounted on a desk. It allows you to use your monitors with ease, but there is no flexibility in positioning.

    Pole-mounted triple monitor arm: This monitor arm is very similar to the free-standing type, but it is mounted on a pole. It allows you to use your monitors with ease.

    Triple monitor wall mount: This monitor arm can be mounted on the wall or a ceiling and used as a desk mount. The main advantage of this type of triple monitor arm over the other types is that you can position your monitors at any angle and angle height.

    Things to consider before buying triple monitor arm

    • Quality of construction: Ensure that the parts of your triple monitor arm are made out of a sturdy material that is designed to be able to withstand heavy use and will not wiggle while in use.
    • Design: Ensure that the design of your triple monitor arm allows for all three screens to be placed at any angle and angle height within reason.
    • Price: Ensure that you purchase the most appropriate triple monitor arm for your needs at a price which is within your budget.
    • Safety: Ensure that your triple monitor arm has all parts of it designed in a way which will prevent accidents from occurring while in use.

    Why choose Raxmount for Triple Monitor Arm?

    • Reputable monitor arms manufacturer in China: We are a reputable monitor arm manufacturer in China that has been producing quality triple monitor arms for over years.
    • Quality monitor arms: All of our products are made out of a quality materials that will last you for many years of use.
    • Affordable price: We offer monitor arm products at a price that is within your budget.
    • Fast shipping: All of our monitor arms are shipped out from China within 3-7 days and arrive at your door in just 14-20 days.
    • Free custom service: We provide free custom service for all of our customers so you can order the best triple monitor arm for your needs.


    Is the triple monitor arm for me?

    If you are looking for a triple monitor arm that can hold up to three monitors and help your desk look professional then the Raxmount Triple Monitor Arm is the right one for you. these triple monitor arms will support your monitors up to 30kg each.

    Can I buy in bulk?

    Yes, we also sell triple monitor arms wholesale. This purchase is ideal if you intend to buy these monitor arms for sale. As a reputable triple monitor arm manufacturer in China, we will give you discounts and other offers for wholesale purchases.

    What does VESA mean for triple monitor arms?

    The VESA is a standard that defines how the monitor arms will be attached to the desk. Each monitor arm has a unique VESA standard and you can choose the VESA that suits your needs. For example, if you have a desk with a VESA of 100x100mm, then you can choose an arm that has this size as your monitor arm.

    What is the difference between triple monitor arms and single monitor arms?

    A triple monitor arm is made of three parts: an arm, a bracket, and a rail for your monitors. The single monitors are only made up of an arm so they can only hold one monitor at one time.

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