Dual Motor Standing Desk Frame

Experience the perfect blend of functionality and design with Rax dual motor standing desks. Our desks are engineered with robust steel construction, ensuring stability and durability. The dual motor system provides smooth, quiet, and efficient height adjustments, allowing you to transition from sitting to standing effortlessly. With a load capacity of up to 120kg, our desks can accommodate your work essentials with ease.

Our standing desks are not just about functionality; they’re about enhancing your work experience. The unique features include an intelligent control system, programmable memory settings, and a timer reminder for regular movement. The desks also come with a Gyro-Current collision avoidance system, ensuring safety during height adjustments. With Rax Mount, you get a perfect ergonomic workstation that promotes a healthier lifestyle.

A Dual Motor Standing Desk Frame Manufacturer

Rax Mount is a leading manufacturer specializing in dual motor standing desks. With a decade of experience, we are committed to delivering first-class product quality and secure after-sales service. Our products are designed with an emphasis on ergonomics, ensuring a comfortable and productive work environment.

  • Expertise in dual motor standing desk manufacturing
  • High-quality products with advanced features
  • Secure after-sales service
  • Commitment to promoting healthier work habits
  • Environmentally conscious with low standby power consumption
product NO.RAX231Column stages 3 stages
Height Adjustment600-1250mmColumn shape&size80*50mm
Max. Speed35mm/sColumn directionupward
Input voltage110-230VACDesk foot stylebeveled
Load Capacity1400NMotor Numbers Dual motors
Length1100-1800mmworking noiseless than 50db
ColorWhite;Black;GreyDuty cycle10%;Max.2min.off

Dual Motor Standing Desk Frame Drawing

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    The Ultimate Guide to Dual Motor Standing Desk Frames

    In the ever-evolving landscape of office ergonomics, the dual motor standing desk has emerged as a game-changer. This innovative piece of office furniture has revolutionized the way we work, offering a blend of comfort, flexibility, and health benefits that traditional desks simply can’t match.

    The Dual Motor Standing Desk: A New Era of Office Ergonomics

    Dual Motor Standing DeskDual motor standing desks, as the name suggests, are powered by two motors. These desks offer seamless adjustability, allowing users to effortlessly switch between sitting and standing positions. The dual motor system ensures a smooth and quiet operation, with an exceptional speed of 32 mm/s, making transitions quick and distraction-free.

    The height range of these desks is another notable feature. They can be adjusted from as low as 600mm to as high as 1250mm, providing ample flexibility to find the perfect standing position. This wide range of adjustability makes these desks suitable for individuals of different heights, ensuring a comfortable and ergonomic workspace for everyone.

    Single Motor VS a Dual Motor Standing Desk Frame

    Dual Motor Standing Desk FrameWhen it comes to standing desk frames, the choice between a single motor and a dual motor can be a bit tricky. The most obvious difference between the two is the motor power output. It is often assumed that two motors perform better than one, but this is not always an accurate indicator of superiority. Single motor standing desk frames have the motor or motor cover visible within the design, and each leg includes a hex rod-driven system that allows the desk to move simultaneously. Both hex rods on a single motor desk must be aligned for the desk to have balance.

    On the other hand, dual-motor models are often smaller and sleeker, with the motor concealed within the design. The motor is often placed inside a small box at the top of the columns, one motor to each leg. Here are some key points to consider:

    • Load Capacity: Dual motor standing desk frames usually have higher load capacity than single motor models.
    • Adjustment Speed: Dual motor models often have faster adjustment speeds.
    • Aesthetics: Dual motor models are generally more streamlined and less noticeable than single motor models.
    • Cost: Dual motor models can be more expensive due to the additional motor and more complex design.
    • Ease of Assembly: Single motor models can be easier to assemble, but alignment of the hex rods is crucial.
    • Maintenance: Dual motor models may require more maintenance due to the additional motor.

    The Advantages of Dual Motor Standing Desks

    Dual Motor Standing Desk Frame DrawingThe benefits of dual motor standing desks extend beyond their adjustability and flexibility. These desks are designed to improve ergonomics, combat the effects of prolonged sitting, and enhance productivity.

    Improved Ergonomics

    Dual motor standing desks can provide unparalleled ergonomic benefits. The ability to adjust the desk to a wide range of heights allows users to customize the fit of the desk to their body size and shape, reducing muscle strain and fatigue.

    Combatting the Effects of Sitting Disease

    The average adult spends more than seven hours each day sitting, leading to a host of health problems, including obesity, heart disease, and even cancer. A standing desk allows users to stand or sit as needed throughout the day, helping to offset the harmful effects of prolonged sitting.

    Enhanced Productivity

    Standing desks can also improve focus and concentration, reduce fatigue and stress, and boost energy levels. The smooth, effortless height adjustment allows users to make adjustments quickly and easily, so they can stay focused on their work.

    The Future of Office Furniture: Customizable and Durable

    Dual motor standing desks are not only functional but also stylish and versatile. They are available in various colors, effortlessly blending with any office decor. Moreover, these desks are built to last, with robust construction ensuring stability and reliability.

    In conclusion, dual motor standing desks represent the future of office furniture. They offer a perfect blend of functionality, style, and ergonomic benefits, revolutionizing the way we work and enhancing our overall work-life balance.

    Rax Mount: Revolutionizing Workspaces

    Rax Mount, a leading manufacturer of dual motor standing desks, is at the forefront of this ergonomic revolution. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Rax Mount offers a range of standing desks designed to enhance productivity and promote healthier work habits.

    Advantages of Choosing Rax Mount

    • Innovative Design: Rax Mount’s standing desks feature a sleek, modern design that complements any office decor.
    • Superior Quality: Each desk is built with high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity.
    • Ergonomic Focus: Rax Mount’s desks are designed with ergonomics in mind, promoting better posture and reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.
    • Customer-Centric: Rax Mount is committed to providing excellent customer service, ensuring a seamless shopping and after-sales experience.
    • Affordable Pricing: Despite the high-quality design and construction, Rax Mount’s desks are competitively priced, offering excellent value for money.


    Are dual motor standing desks better?

    Dual motor standing desks offer several advantages over single motor desks. They typically have a higher load capacity, faster adjustment speeds, and provide better stability for larger loads. However, the choice between single and dual motor desks depends on individual needs and preferences.

    What is the difference between dual motor and single motor?

    The main difference is the number of motors used to adjust the desk's height. Single motor desks use one motor to drive both legs, while dual motor desks use two motors, one for each leg.

    Do electric standing desks break easily?

    The durability of an electric standing desk depends on the quality of its construction and components. High-quality electric standing desks are designed to be robust and reliable, and should not break easily with normal use.

    Do standing desks use a lot of electricity?

    Standing desks use electricity to adjust the height, but the amount of electricity used is typically minimal and should not significantly impact your electricity bill.

    How long do motorized standing desks last?

    The lifespan of a motorized standing desk can vary based on the quality of the desk and how it's used. However, most high-quality motorized standing desks are designed to last for several years with proper care and maintenance.

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