Leading French Height Adjustable Desk Manufacturers and Suppliers

Have you searched far and wide to find the best quality manufacturers of Height Adjustable Desks in France? You’ve landed on the right list! In this article, we review the top companies manufacturing Height Adjustable Desks.

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List of Standing Desk Companies in France

Sesa Systems

French Height Adjustable Desk Manufacturers and Suppliers- Sesa SystemsSource: sesa-systems.com

SESA SYSTEMS, an industrial furniture manufacturer, was founded by Jean-Paul Lerailler in 1990. Developing innovative products since our creation until today, we have continued to revolutionize the work of operators. After having created the first QUALITY POINTS and developed a complete range of Visual Management products, SESA SYSTEMS tackled the development of tools dedicated to LEAN Manufacturing.

As an industrial furniture manufacturer, we are proud to count among our customers the largest industrial groups. SESA SYSTEMS ergonomics office range makes it possible to alternate between sitting or standing positions. The “sit-stand desk” has two electric cylinders to adjust the height with different types of controls to choose from: remote control, control panel, or a smartphone app. To adapt to today’s modern working conditions, workers will gain the flexibility of movement.


  • 2500 products-8 patents and 300 novelties
  • 2 years warranty-Lasting quality and reliability
  • ISO 9001-Quality of products and services to fully satisfy you
  • 50 LEAN expertsinternational network of experts LEAN tools and approaches

Headquarters: 27340 Criquebeuf-sur-Seine, FRANCE


French Height Adjustable Desk Manufacturers and Suppliers- Sesa SystemsSource: buronomic.com

Buronomic, brings more than 30 years of know-how in the French manufacture of office furniture recognised for its quality and assembly simplicity. The company organisation benefits from constant improvements through action plans aimed at controlling the life cycle of its products across the entire value chain, from the choice of materials up to product end of life so that Buronomic furniture is respectful of the environment.

Buronomic designs and manufactures in its factory in France high-quality furniture that is simple to assemble. Buronomic is a company of human size which moves forward with time and which capitalises on its heritage.  The unique knowledge and skills of its employees, ensure that Buronomic continues to offer high-quality and innovative products.

Main products:

  • Height adjustable desks
  • Electric sit-stand desks
  • Natural shared desks
  • Trapezium leg desks
  • Desks for open space

Headquarters: Honfleur Cedex – France

EOL Group

French Height Adjustable Desk Manufacturers and Suppliers- EOL GroupSource: eol-group.net

For over thirty years, EOL has designed and manufactured 100% French-made office furniture. It’s thanks to our manufacturing and storage capacity, underpinned by cutting-edge logistics that EOL has secured a leading position in the European market.

Our know-how ensures that our product ranges, inspired by a distinctive French design style, are produced with finishes of the highest quality. EOL takes great care in the selection of materials, with a particular emphasis on ecology. Our know-how is the embodiment of a range of core principles: the continuous search for optimal product quality and safety in use, support for employment and the national economy, curbing the impact on the environment and guaranteeing compliance with the strictest social norms.

Main products:

  • Shared workstations
  • Executive desks
  • Home office desks
  • Sit-stand desks
  • Fixed height desks

Headquarters: Saint-Denis, Île-de, France

Harmony Group

French Height Adjustable Desk Manufacturers and Suppliers- Harmony GroupjpgSource: harmony-group.fr

French specialist and manufacturer of office furniture, Harmony Group supports many companies in the layout, furnishing and fitting out of their new offices and workspaces: international groups, local authorities, SMEs, coworking spaces, etc.

Our in-house design office and our layout specialists support you in the transformation of your offices and the design of new modern, ergonomic and designer workspaces. Our desks are made in our factory in France with sustainable PEFC wood.

Customizable work desks to bring comfort, ergonomics, and design to your professional premises: bench desks for 2 or 4 people, executive desks, sit-stand desks, individual desks, shared desks, etc. Available in different shapes and colors of tops and legs, our ranges of professional offices are fully configurable according to the objectives, the aesthetics of the premises, and the organization of your company

Headquarters: 30100 Alès, France


French Height Adjustable Desk Manufacturers and Suppliers- PosturiteSource: posturite.fr

Posturite is an ergonomics company specializing in employee health and well-being. We are market leaders for a reason: whether you need expert advice, ergonomic products, assessments, or training, we will find a tailor-made solution that is right for you.

Ergo Project was created in 2015 by qualified ergonomists to support companies in the implementation of their work ergonomics project. In 2021, Ergo Project becomes Posturite France. Made up of experts in ergonomics and a network of 430 osteopaths, Posturite France offers a complete range of products and services.

Our ergonomic desks and sit-stand platforms allow you to move and alternate working positions, protecting you from possible musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and other health risks.

Main products:

  • Height Adjustable Mobile Desk
  • Electric height adjustable desk
  • Sit-Stand Platform
  • The Mobile Office
  • Manual Adjustable Desk

Headquarters: 78600 Maisons-Laffitte, France

An Alternative Manufacturer

height adjustable deskWhen you buy large Height Adjustable Desks orders, the supplier you choose is crucial in ensuring that you won’t be wasting any money. Find a supplier that you can partner with for a long time and one that you can grow your business with. We hope that our list was enough for you to find your ideal supplier.

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