List of Monitor Arm Manufacturers in Germany

Searched far and wide for the top suppliers of monitor arms in Germany to no avail? Germany has many manufacturers that provide the highest quality products in the world. So in this article, we’ve listed the suppliers of the best monitor arms and stands in Germany where you can get the bang for your buck.

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8 Best Monitor Arm Companies in Germany


Monitor Arm Manufacturers in Germany- ARCTIC GmbHSource:

ARCTIC is a leading manufacturer that produces high-quality monitor arms and wall brackets as well as practical tech equipment. It has won over PC enthusiasts in more than 45 countries with innovative and user-friendly products that are high quality and sold at fair prices. For over 20 years, ARCTIC has stood for comfortable computing, stellar service and personal support.

ARCTIC products are designed for long-term use, come with a 6-year warranty, and we intentionally make them adaptable so that they can be used as long as possible. We think beyond the initial purchase and support our customers throughout the life of their ARCTIC product. By providing enthusiastic customer service throughout the life of a product, we aim to keep our customers satisfied in every interaction they have with ARCTIC.

Main products:

  • Wall Mounts
  • Table Mounts
  • Extensions
  • Single Monitor Stand
  • Dual Monitor Stand
  • Triple Monitor Stand

Headquarters: 38108 Braunschweig, Germany

DURABLE Hunke & Jochheim GmbH & Co. KG

Monitor Arm Manufacturers in Germany- DURABLE Hunke & Jochheim GmbH & Co. KGSource:

DURABLE Hunke & Jochheim GmbH & Co. KG develops and produces intelligent products and solutions for the modern workplace. Based in Germany’s Sauerland region, the company builds on more than 100 years of success thanks to its continuously innovative approach and wealth of experience. The products embody quality, design and functionality.

For over a century, DURABLE has been a reliable partner for professional products and product lines for the workplace. We honour this ambitious claim by working consistently, relentlessly and passionately on developing comprehensive concepts to support our customers in their daily work.

Our aim is to offer excellent solutions which help users to perform their daily tasks in a highly professional way and thus contribute to corporate success.


  • Quality made in Germany and innovative features
  • Clean Desk – Increase efficiency with a tidy workplace
  • Optimum ergonomic conditions for healthy work

Headquarters: 58636 Iserlohn

ASSMANN Electronic GmbH

Monitor Arm Manufacturers in Germany- ASSMANN Electronic GmbHSource:

ASSMANN Electronic GmbH was founded in 1969 and is now – as part of ASSMANN Holding GmbH – an internationally operating solution provider for high-quality server, network and peripheral infrastructure products.

With the product range from DIGITUS, ASSMANN offers structured building cabling to its customers and enables the smart networking of modern working environments.

Customers benefit not only from the comprehensive, certified and compatible range of products with which they can cover all their needs, but especially from the variety of innovative digital services, e-tools and trade marketing measures that ASSMANN offers in custom solutions for the optimization of their joint online business.

Main products:

  • Monitor Mounts – Clamp
  • Monitor Mounts – Stand
  • Monitor Riser
  • Wall Mounts – Monitor
  • Wall Mounts – TV

Headquarters: Lüdenscheid, North Rhine-Westphalia

Bachmann GmbH

Monitor Arm Manufacturers in Germany- Bachmann GmbHSource:

The company with Swabian roots was established over 70 years ago, in 1948. Today it is a globally active, owner-managed group of companies operating in the electrical engineering industry. The BACHMANN Group develops, manufactures and distributes products and services for various fields of application. Alongside the expertise offered by our production and development centres in Germany, Romania and China, BACHMANN operates around 30 sales offices and partner companies around the world.

With a network comprising experienced experts within the group and others within the industry, research and design sectors, BACHMANN is looking far into the future. Teams are developing tailored, technical innovations. This enables us to create new, disruptive products and services as well as digital and analogue complete solutions for fields such as Office and Home, right through to complete data centres.

Main products:

  • ZG1 MONITOR ARM Ergonomic and flexible working
  • ZG2 Monitor Arm Twice as flexible, outstandingly ergonomic
  • ZGX Monitor Arm One arm, two monitors, outstanding ergonomics

Headquarters: Stuttgart, Germany


Monitor Arm Manufacturers in Germany- Bachmann GmbHSource:

We see ourselves as a leader of innovation and a developer of intelligent system solutions for manufacturing. Our solutions benefit the working lives of millions of people and we want to make these solutions accessible to all.

To live up to this promise, we need more than just practical components. That’s why we design holistic and easy-to-use solutions based on a wealth of know-how and decades of experience. We create added value on the shop floor through the interaction between people, machinery, and materials. These include LEAN visualization products for greater efficiency in the production area. Digitizing and automating production and assembly processes, while providing attractive automation solutions for warehouses, logistics, and smart access control systems.

Main products:

  • Monitor Work Station SIT / STAND
  • Monitor Suspension Arm
  • System Arms

Headquarters: 91174 Spalt, Germany

Ondal Medical Systems GmbH

Monitor Arm Manufacturers in Germany- Ondal Medical Systems GmbHSource:

Ondal, developer and manufacturer of high-quality electromechanical equipment. Ondal – 40 years of experience on the international stage of medical and industrial applications. Extensive expertise in the worldwide development and manufacture of Pendant systems and the associated sophisticated level of product development distinguish Ondal. This company is your capable partner for moving, supporting and supplying medical and industrial equipment.

A comprehensive quality management system at every production step, process level, and product stage guarantees that exacting quality standards are met from the development phase to the actual delivery. Products manufactured by Ondal are approved for the European market (CE marking) and for the North American market (UL marking). This ensures that Ondal’s customers receive a product that meets the highest quality standards, is safe to use and features a long service life.

Main products:

  • Suspension systems
  • Pendant systems
  • Monitor Carrier Systems
  • Wall mount and mobile solutions

Headquarters: 36088 Hünfeld, Germany


Monitor Arm Manufacturers in Germany- MAVIG GmbHSource:

MAVIG is a German Company, 100% family-owned and owner-managed. We develop and produce mainly in Munich and distribute all over the world.

MAVIG is a worldwide leading manufacturer and developer in the field of radiation protection and medical suspension systems for hospitals and medical practices. The product portfolio includes scatter radiation protection, mobile X-Ray protection shields, ceiling mounted suspension systems for monitors and lamps, radiation protection curtains and built-in windows as well as much as personal radiation protection garments and accessories. Since 1921, MAVIG is well known and highly appreciated for quality, Made in Germany.

MAVIG monitor suspensions allow you to mount monitors from all manufacturers – as long as they have a centrally attached VESA-adapter on their back – without problems. The MAVIG life cycle testing ensures 100 percent quality of all products delivered.

Headquarters: 81829 Munich, Germany

Krömker GmbH

Monitor Arm Manufacturers in Germany- Krömker GmbHSource:

Our products enable us to bring passion, innovation and safety to the world of medical technology. We know the industrial processes as well as how to significantly improve them. We’re aware of the responsibility involved and help our customers to uphold their duties.

We’ve got the answers to meet market needs and the vision to work with our customers to define a new goal, in order to create new market segments as well as new generations of products. Systems made in Germany for ambitious goals and strong markets. We perfectly draw attention to customer values with individual product developments and high-quality suspension and carrier systems.

We dedicate our entire know-how to their optimisation and constantly expand functionalities and services. We see ourselves as our customers’ partners, with common goals, a common aspiration and shared responsibility.

Main products:

  • Suspension arm systems
  • Support arm systems
  • Trollies
  • Fixing systems

Headquarters: 31675 Bückeburg, Germany

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