The Best Monitor Arm Manufacturers in the UK

Looking for the best monitor arm manufacturers in the UK? Here, we listed the best manufacturers, suppliers, companies, and factories in the UK for monitor arm manufacturing and supply.

These UK companies are hand-picked based on the following criteria

  • Stable supply of products with a large volume capacity annually
  • Superior quality raw materials
  • ISO certified company, meeting British and European Standards
  • Supplies to governments and enterprises in the UK and Europe
  • Best value in the market

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Top List of Monitor Arm Companies in the UK

Ergonomic Solutions

Monitor Arm Manufacturers in the UK-Ergonomic SolutionsSource:

Ergonomic Solutions is the world’s leading provider of ergonomically advanced technology mounting and mobility solutions for technology applications across the grocery, retail, hospitality, entertainment, and transportation sectors.

For over 25 years, we have provided our customers with solutions that simplify the implementation and use of technology in our core applications areas – POS, payment, self-service and digital signage. These solutions are developed in partnership with global retailers and technology suppliers coupled with the most advanced ergonomics.

Creators of SpacePole, Ergonomic Solutions has shipped over 12.5 million mounting and mobility solutions. In the retail sector, we supply over 60% of the global top 50 retailers making our technology mounting solutions the preferred choice.


  • Flexible core product range
  • Agile and Responsive
  • Skilled in our application areas
  • Technical Expertise

Headquarters: Epsom, KT19 9QQ

Colebrook Bosson Saunders

Monitor Arm Manufacturers in the UK- Colebrook Bosson SaundersSource:

We are international designers, manufacturers and distributors of award-winning ergonomic products. We strive for new ways to enhance user experience through the seamless connection of people and technology.

For us, this means establishing new methods, always improving on what has come before, and creating new solutions to an increasingly diverse range of ergonomic challenges. We push for new ideas and new processes with the ultimate goal of enhancing user experience.

We are driven by our desire to create the new and to be the first in everything we do. This is reflected in industry firsts from; Wishbone, the world’s first flatscreen monitor arm, to Ollin, the world’s first dynamic monitor arm that supports weights from 0 to 9kg.

Our award-winning ergonomic monitor arms are designed to be both stylish and functional. Serving single, dual and multiple monitors, CBS monitor arms also support iPads, tablets and laptops and continue to be market-leading ergonomic monitor stand solutions.

Headquarters: SE1 1SD, LONDON

Shine-Mart Ltd

Monitor Arm Manufacturers in the UK- Shine-Mart LtdSource:

We are a global consumer company that manufactures homeware products which catered for everyday life.  Due to the innovative designs of our office equipment, this has fast become our most popular range. We have supplied thousands of offices in the UK and worldwide with ergonomic office solutions to improve their workplace and the health of their employees.

We are constantly thinking of new ideas and ways to improve people’s lifestyles with technological and innovative solutions. We are open to ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) projects, which may fulfill a need for companies looking for a niche product, which can be created by our very own Research and Development Team and manufactured professionally by our specialist factories.

Main products:

  • Extra Tall Desk Mount
  • Freestanding Desk Mounts
  • Laptop & Monitor Mount
  • Laptop Stands
  • Monitor Wall Mount
  • Vertical Desk Mount

Headquarters: Essex, RM3 8SB, United Kingdom

ErgoMounts Ltd.

Monitor Arm Manufacturers in the UK- ErgoMounts Ltd.Source:

ErgoMounts are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers & distributors of AV mounting solutions. Whether you’re looking for an ergonomic monitor arm, a medical-grade workstation, or a scale-able video wall we have a mount or bracket to meet your requirements.

All of our products are hand assembled in the UK using only high grade components. We don’t shift cheap and cheerful boxes of products. In fact, we pride ourselves on producing some of the highest quality mounts, arms, and stands on the market while also providing top-tier customer service and support.

Main products:

  • Desk Mounts
  • Wall Mounts
  • Wall Track Mounts
  • Pole Mounts
  • Ceiling Mounts
  • Floor Stands
  • CPU Holders

Headquarters: Hampshire, GU12 4QP, United Kingdom


Monitor Arm Manufacturers in the UK- ABLSource:

Our knowledge and experience of the office furniture industry began in 2003. Formerly known as Accessory Bits, ABL continues to be a growing brand providing innovative and reliable products to the office furniture market.

Every single one of ABL’s products has been designed to support the end-user whilst offering functionality with a sleek design finish. Our products are designed to blend functionality with cosmetic appearance, meeting British and European Standards. Customers can have peace of mind knowing they have a quality product.

Main products:

  • FSA Range of Monitor Arms
  • Strela Range of Monitor Arms
  • Sigma Range of Monitor Arms

Headquarters: Wellingborough, Northants NN8 6UF, United Kingdom

Flatscreen Arms Ltd

Monitor Arm Manufacturers in the UK- Flatscreen Arms LtdSource:

Established in 1998, Flatscreen Arms initially supplied monitor arms to the banking industry, one of the first commercial users of flatscreen technology. We are able to offer the same cutting-edge technology to home users and smaller businesses with products to suit every budget and requirement.

As a company which is passionate about innovation, we are constantly designing new products to meet the demands of the latest technology and also offer a bespoke design service. All products are manufactured at our factory in Newhaven, UK, where we operate a strict green policy as part of our commitment to the environment.

Blending cutting-edge technology with sleek and stylish design, our range of mounts/arms for flat screen monitors and TVs are the ultimate in space-saving efficiency. Engineered in the UK from solid aluminum, our products allow monitors to glide effortlessly into multiple positions with simple, fingertip control. Our entire range is built to last a lifetime and meet the demands of any setting, from home and small office to major commerce and industry.

Headquarters: Newhaven, UK

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