Largest Wholesale TV Mount and Monitor Arm Companies in Canada

Searching for the top TV & Monitor Mount company in Canada? Let’s make the process easier for you through our compiled list of reliable manufacturers and exporters in the area!

When buying bulk TV Mounts and Monitor Arms for sale, choosing an experienced supplier is crucial to ensure a hassle-free transaction. This is especially true if you are going to import these products. To help our readers ensure that they get quality display mounts like TV Wall Mounts, TV Ceiling Mounts, Video Wall Mounts, and Monitor Wall Mounts, we filtered our list based on the following:

  • Should have at least an ISO 9001 certification
  • Premium-quality raw materials
  • Their website should be reliable
  • Best value in the market

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List of TV & Monitor Mount Suppliers in Canada

Rocelco Inc.

Wholesale TV Mount and Monitor Arm Companies in Canada- Rocelco Inc.Source:

Rocelco Inc. is a Canadian-owned and operated importer and manufacturer of Consumer Electronics accessory products serving North American retailers since 1962. We’re proud of our 60 years of service to the North American Audio Video industry, which still continues in addition to our more recent role as a supplier of Ergonomic Office Products to the North American Office Products Industry.

We are very conservative in the way we rate our mounts, to ensure that they fit all screens within their size ratings, and can hold several times their load ratings. Rocelco flat panel mounts offer superior design, ergonomics, and functionality, combined with easy installation and excellent value.

Main products:

  • Standing Desk Converters
  • TV/Projector Mounts
  • Speaker Wall Mounts
  • Flat Panel Carts

Headquarters: Ontario L4K 2L9, Canada

AVFI – Audio Visual Furniture International Inc

Wholesale TV Mount and Monitor Arm Companies in Canada- AVFI - Audio Visual Furniture International IncSource:

AVFI Audio Visual Furniture International Inc. (formerly VFI) was established in 1996 to fill a niche in the video conferencing market for affordable, stylish and durable furniture. Since then, we have grown to be an industry leader in the video conference and A/V furniture market by providing excellent products and service at a competitive price. Audio Visual Furniture International Inc. designs, engineers and produces all of its wooden products at its large modern manufacturing facility in Aurora, Ontario. Our products are available from a large selection of distributors and resellers of video conference equipment throughout North America, Europe and around the world.

At Audio Visual Furniture International Inc. our objective is to provide quality products and service that consistently exceeds customer requirements and expectations. To meet these objectives, we are a strong believer in the continuous improvement process and that has empowered its staff to be on constant watch for ways to do things faster, better and at a lower costs. In addition to our continuous improvement programs, we also have extensive inspection and quality assurance processes to insure that our customers get the best product possible. The results of our efforts are that we produce some of the best products in the industry and have many satisfied customers.

Main products:

  • Stand for Single/Dual Monitors
  • Mobile Display Stand
  • Wall Offset Stand
  • Wall Offset Stand
  • Monitor Mount with Shroud

Headquarters: Ontario, Canada

NB TV Mount

Wholesale TV Mount and Monitor Arm Companies in Canada- NB TV MountSource:

TVmounts Canada is a TV mount/ Monitor mount/ Office Digital Display solution business based in Toronto, Ontario. We are the official supplier of NB TV mounts in Canada.

NB TV mounts is a specialist manufacturer of AV peripheral integrated equipment. As one of the largest leaders in this industry with over 10 years of vast experience in the whole worldwide region, TVmounts Canada understands the needs of our customers and offers various selections of mounting systems from all kinds of flat panel display TV mounts, including fixed mount, tilt mount, full-motion mount, TV Ceiling mounts, TV carts and Projector ceiling mounts. Our design and engineering capabilities are extensive. NB is relentless in our pursuit of excellence.

All NB products include our renowned, easy-to-read illustrated manual guides, for fast assembly and installation. NB focused on product functions, safety, installation requirement, quality and aesthetics. By now NB has gotten more than 100 Patent Rights of International and domestic markets for its mounts.

Main products:

  • Gas Strut Mounts
  • TV Carts & Workstations
  • Projector Mount
  • Universal Mount
  • TV Ceiling Mount

Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario M1W 3Z5

Amer Mounts

Wholesale TV Mount and Monitor Arm Companies in Canada- Amer MountsSource:

Amer is a global distributor and manufacturer of networking, storage and security products. We have earned our reputation as a provider of dependable hardware backed by the most comprehensive support and appropriate customer warranties in today’s market since our start in 1997. Our reseller network has continued to grow, and through this success, we are growing our innovative, value-laden product line into the SOHO/SME market. These products will continue to enhance efficiency and improve productivity everywhere that people connect.
We also specialize in display mounting and medical cart equipment which help not only consumers but companies achieve the best ergonomic workspace. Whether it is incorporating multi-display for a better workflow or workstations for better posture, Amer Mounts ensures high end engineered products.

Main products:

  • Desktop Monitor Mounts
  • Wall and Ceiling Mounts
  • Workstations
  • Mobile Cart

Headquarters: ON L5L 6A9

ShoppingAll Inc.

Wholesale TV Mount and Monitor Arm Companies in Canada- ShoppingAll Inc.Source:

ShoppingAll Inc. is a corporation which manufactures and distributes a diverse selection of products to niche product markets. We collaborate with factories around the world to design and build high quality products at competitive prices. As a Canadian brand, we are also committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of service.

We design products that make our customer’s life better because we believe that our products should make their lives more convenient, organized, and enjoyable. We are constantly innovating and improving our products to make sure that they are the best that they can be. Our goal is to create a brand where our customers choose us over others because of the quality and services we provide.

Main products:

  • Monitor Arms
  • Laptop Mounts
  • Wall Mounts
  • Standing Desks
  • Monitor Risers
  • Tablet Stands

Headquarters: Quebec, Canada

Boost Industries

Wholesale TV Mount and Monitor Arm Companies in Canada- Boost IndustriesSource:

Boost Industries had its humble beginning in 2009. This Canadian-owned and operated company started as an importer and manufacturer of Consumer Electronics accessory products. Many of the initial products were designed and engineered in Canada; the first products in the Boost catalog were Flat Panel TV mounts soon followed by AV wall shelves. These products proved to be very popular in the Canadian marketplace.

In 2010 we started working directly with factories in China to develop the Boost Industries brand in an expanded product lineup to include Mobile TV Carts, Projector Mounts and Speaker Stands and Brackets. By implementing unique designs and high quality control these products have proven to be very successful in the North American market. Many of the original models remain in high demand to this day. From 2010 to the present, the Boost brand gained a reputation for high quality and in turn, expanded its distribution in North America.

Main products:

  • Office Solutions
  • TV / Monitor Mounts
  • Stands & Brackets
  • A/V Equipment Racks

Headquarters: Ontario, Canada

Kanto Mounts

Wholesale TV Mount and Monitor Arm Companies in Canada- Kanto MountsSource:

Founded in 2007 by our CEO and Chief Product Officer David Reid, Kanto is a solutions-first company with a mission to support our customers’ digital lifestyle. Since our founding, we have become an industry leader in video mounting solutions and powered audio.

As much as we delight in the product solutions we design, we are proud to be chosen by thousands of customers internationally who are served by world-class partners made up of the top names in consumer electronics retail and distribution.

Main products:

  • TV Mounts
  • Desktop Monitor Mounts
  • Rolling TV Carts
  • Device Stands

Headquarters: British Columbia, V1M 3B4, Canada


Wholesale TV Mount and Monitor Arm Companies in Canada- MantelMountSource:

MantelMounts patented construction combines high-quality automotive pistons with lightweight alloys and state-of-the-art counterbalance technology, allowing virtually anyone to easily pull a large flat screen TV down off the wall, suspend it at eye-level in front of the fireplace, and swivel it left or right.

All MantelMount models include exclusive features that ensure the protection of your electronics & mounting environment. Vertical & swivel stops, along with our patented auto-straightening technology, prevent you from hitting your mantel or walls when lowering, swiveling or raising your TV.

Headquarters: Concord, ON L4K 4B4

Monitors in Motion

Wholesale TV Mount and Monitor Arm Companies in Canada- Monitors in MotionSource:

Operating as Monitors in Motion to compliment the essence of our products: bringing monitors to life in “form, function and freedom.”  A form that lends itself to beauty and cleanliness; a function that leads to a more ergonomic workplace and home space; and the freedom of a greener, environmentally friendly future.

With an on-staff team of engineers and designers lending this experience and skill set to our line of products, we’ve developed the perfect balance of excellent value with high quality for custom-made products.  Our focus is to design and build what our customers need: well-manufactured products that last a lifetime.

At Monitors in Motion, we have the mandate to make our products as environmentally friendly as possible.  Presently, we use upwards of 97% recycled materials to manufacture our products, including packaging and all components.  Our products are 100% recyclable and built to last.

Headquarters: Tottenham, Ontario L0G 1W0

An Alternative Manufacturer

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