Want to know the best display mount exporters and suppliers in Denmark? If you’re frequently getting out-of-stock Monitor Mounts or TV Mounts, you’d definitely want to choose a supplier who can provide a stable supply for many years. Plus, buying wholesale from a reliable manufacturer gives the largest savings.

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List of Monitor & TV Mount Suppliers in Denmark


Display Mount Manufacturers in Denmark- ComplementSource: complement.dk

Complement is a stock-holding manufacturer of CPU holders, monitor arms, cable trays, table legs, table frames, etc., with increasing sales to customers all over the World.

Our modern and well-organised facilities allow us to service our customers in the best possible way.

With 5,700 m2 under roof we have sufficient room for our many products, and this allows us to supply “just in time” and according to an agreement with our many customers.

Complement’s professional team is committed to providing only quality products, and high service to our customers.

Product design that is based on the sound knowledge of ergonomics is what typifies the accessories we present at Complement. Not just mere accessories, the various tech components by Complement enable the user experience convenience teamed up with the best ergonomic solutions that make the professional ambiance more user-friendly.

Headquarters: 7100 Vejle, Denmark


Display Mount Manufacturers in Denmark- PedestalSource: pdstl.com

Pedestal is a Danish interior brand established in 2020. We create simple and functional accessories for screens and similar electronic products within television. Deeply rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition, our products reflect our commitment to quality, functionality and simplicity.

We develop our designs on the latest lifestyle and interior design trends of today. In doing so, we strive to offer a relevant and dynamic product range based on and shaped according to the way we live and surround ourselves with screens and sound.

The Pedestal head office is a combined design and test centre, showroom and office from where we manage all business activities. Pedestal is a privately owned company, and all our products are manufactured in modern machinery factories in Europe.

Main products:

  • TV stands on wheels
  • Tall TV stands
  • Low TV stands
  • Wall mounts

Headquarters: North of Aarhus, Denmark

Convena Distribution A/S

Display Mount Manufacturers in Denmark- Convena Distribution A SSource: convena.com

We supply spare parts, options, and accessories from the world’s leading manufacturers such as HPE, HP Inc., IBM, Lenovo, DELL, Lexmark, Canon, Samsung, Cisco and others.

We deliver spare parts, options, and accessories to a wide range of companies all over the world. Our customers range from small independent businesses to large international groups. Our international presence makes it possible for large companies to take out collective procurement agreements with us while smaller businesses can enjoy our individualised and flexible solutions. Convena Distribution is one of the leading international IT distributors in Europe with a 2,000 m2 warehouse and over 18 years of industry experience.

We aim to give our partners the best customer service and shopping experience possible, and we do this by listening to you. Our goal is to become known as a flexible partner who is willing to adapt and who is open to listening to wishes and new ideas.

Main products:

  • Ceiling bracket
  • Floor stands
  • Desk stands

Headquarters: 2650 Hvidovre, Denmark

HAT Collective

Display Mount Manufacturers in Denmark- HAT CollectiveSource: hatcollective.eu

In 1986, HAT Collective was launched as a provider of ergonomic, space-saving solutions to promote a healthy working lifestyle. This family-owned operation grew into a global company, creating design innovations for monitor arms, tablet mounts, POS systems, and sit-stand desks.

Providing quick shipping and highly customizable product options, we place an emphasis on customer service and exceptional levels of support for our network of dealers. We offer a broad range of design-forward, ergonomic solutions for the contract office market. Our lines celebrate thoughts and ideas, coming together to push the limits under the name of HAT Collective. Our products showcase craftsmanship, functionality, and innovation in design. We remain committed to quality and affordability as we endeavor to revolutionize well-being and productivity in the workplace.

Main products:

  • Exceptional Service
  • Design-forward
  • Custom Made Easy
  • Quick Shipping
  • Well Priced

Headquarters: 5900 Rudkøbing, Denmark


Display Mount Manufacturers in Denmark- VENSET A SSource: venset.com

VENSET was established in 2004 and is located in Denmark.

VENSET presents a wide range of products to the furniture industry. We produce affordable electrical furniture components and fittings — such as TV lifts, TV bed lifts, swivels, TV power lift, electric desk components, window operators and other furniture accessories. Our customers are typically furniture manufacturers who design and produce their own products incorporating our components for electric height adjustment.

VENSET has its own R&D department and maintains control with all aspects of the manufacturing process:

  • Design and product development in Denmark.
  • Production in China
  • Stock and logistics in Denmark/China
  • Sales support in Denmark

Headquarters:  6900 Skjern, Denmark

RK Danmark

Display Mount Manufacturers in Denmark- RK DanmarkSource: rkdanmark.dk

RK Danmark is a distributor of RK Rose+Krieger products, which are produced at the RK Rose+Krieger factory in Germany.

Our operation manager Per Tramm has many years of experience in sales and counseling of the RK Rose+Krieger products. He is always ready to guide you to the correct solution for your task. We are located in Randers, we also drive out to see your task and help you to choose the most appropriate solution.

RK Rose+Krieger products are very widespread at machine builders and system integrators both in Denmark and abroad and are used by many leading companies within all branches and production facilities 24/7 – 365 days a year. The products are characterized by stability, operational reliability, and exceptional high quality.

Main products:

  • Monitor mounting
  • Support arms
  • swivel arms
  • Stairs, railing and working platforms

Headquarters: 8920 Randers NV, Denmark

BOX IT Design ApS

Display Mount Manufacturers in Denmark- BOX IT Design ApSSource: boxit-design.com

BOX IT Design is a creator and manufacturer of premium quality enclosures for the deployment of tablet computers in enterprise environments.

Scandinavian minimalistic design, best-in-class security, and the usage characteristics that you should expect from an enterprise-class enclosure.

Main products:

  • Desk Stands
  • Floor Stands
  • Desk and Wall mounts

Headquarters: 3060 Espergaerde, Denmark

An Alternative Manufacturer

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