List of Italian Standing Desk Manufacturers

Are you here to find the best standing desk companies in Italy? You’ve come to the right place! Let us share with you our list of the top manufacturers and suppliers of standing desks in the region!

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7 Leading Standing Desk Companies in Italy

Martex S.p.A.

Italian Standing Desk Manufacturers- Martex S.p.A.Source:

Our history, knowledge of the territory and a consolidated supply chain of trusted partners allow us to customize the products according to the requests of designers and architects who are looking for an increasingly flexible, versatile and reliable company on the market.

For Martex, the concept of personalization, quality and attention to detail are extensive values that involve the entire company chain; making quality means being able to transmit to the market the certainty about the durability of the product, the maintenance over time of its value and its original performance.

The thought is Italian and the manufacturer is Italian to guarantee a qualitatively original result.

Martex has certified its quality process, in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard and its environmental management system in accordance with UNI EN ISO 14001 standard.

Main products:

  • Executive desk
  • Managerial desk
  • Closed office
  • Sit to stand desks
  • Sit to stand workstations
  • Conference & meeting tables

Headquarters: Prata di Pordenone (PN), ITALY

Quadrifoglio Sistemi d’Arredo S.P.A

Italian Standing Desk Manufacturers- Quadrifoglio Sistemi d’Arredo S.P.ASource:

We design complete and customisable furnishings for work, home and hospitality spaces. Materials, shapes, colours, lights, and acoustic solutions give rise to settings that exude unique comfort and aesthetic appeal. We design our products inspired by a desire to focus on three elements in particular: the well-being of being able to live furniture to the full, people and their needs, and lastly, technical and conceptual innovation, without which all this would not be possible.

We create designer furniture to help people live and work in the best way possible. Our idea of “feeling good” in an interior involves all the senses and we express it in the ergonomics of products, the aesthetic appeal of finishings, the sound-proofing properties of accessories and the protection of visual well-being. At Quadrifoglio Group we share this principle with designers and project developers. Together we combine form and function, quality materials and sustainable processes.

Main products:

  • Office Desks
  • Meeting Tables
  • Reception Desks

Headquarters: 31040 Basalghelle (TV) Mansuè Treviso – Italy

Kulik System

 Italian Standing Desk Manufacturers- Kulik SystemSource:

Ultramodern Italian enterprise with tremendous experience in the field of ergonomics, patented system of control all spine zones, as well as high-tech is an innovative leader of exclusive ergonomic chair production.

TM KULIK SYSTEM is a sign of a special design and high quality customized products.

According to the National Health Statistics of the USA, the workplace has a huge impact on human health and well-being. Besides the comfort, the ergonomic chair provides positive emotional and physical effects. Smart ergonomic office products by Kulik System will inspire a special working mood and take good care of your health.

Our products are for those who appreciate the comfortable working space, take care of health, and achieve personal success. Absolutely all products were thoroughly tested and showed the best sigh of comfort and quality.

Main products:

  • Ergonomic tables
  • Office tables
  • Computer desks
  • Adjustable tables

Headquarters: Milan, Italy, 20137

IVM S.p.A.

Italian Standing Desk Manufacturers- IVM S.p.A.Source:

IVM has been promoting its brand identity for over 60 years, offering practical, solid and functional products with a focus on design and quality of the materials. For IVM, offering quality means becoming a reliable and qualified partner. Because the quality of the materials guarantees the long-lasting reliability of the finished product.

Quality of the materials, but also elegant details, simple forms, high level of customisation made possible by the transversal nature of the various collections. The IVM identity is focused increasingly on the context of DESIGN and service, and its decisions have propelled it to the forefront of the contemporary and future world of office furniture.

The essential design matches the spirit of a technology-based desking system at the service of people.

Mechanical and electrical height-adjustable desks, sliding tops, accessories and sound-absorbent panels to create a practical, ergonomic work environment.


  • Since 1948, a passion for furniture
  • The added value of an all-Italian product
  • Present in more than 70 countries worldwide
  • Style, harmony, attention to detail
  • Works alongside customers to create tailored services
  • Certifications and ethics for sustainability

Headquarters: 920851 LISSONE (MB) Italy

ICF S.p.A.

Italian Standing Desk Manufacturers- ICF S.p.A.Source:

We have worked over sixty years through our products to make visible the best in terms of harmonious shapes, quality, value, functionality and efficiency. A history of design, love for research and experimentation. The collaboration with designers and architects who have made the history of the design reflects our ability to anticipate the needs and methods of work and contract environments.

Our production is quite varied and supported by a complex production cycle. We have developed a vast experience in the management of the production process coordinating all the manufacturing stages and carefully controlling each step. Our industrial reality is located in the area where many of the best Italian suppliers work and guarantee high technical and productive competence.

Main products:

  • Workstation Desk
  • Folding Desk
  • Manager Desk
  • Meeting Table

Headquarters: 10820052 Vignate (MI) Italy

CUF Milano

Italian Standing Desk Manufacturers- CUF MilanoSource:

CUF Milano is a brand of Centrufficio S.p.A, a historic Milan company that has always focused on office furniture and partition walls

Founded in 1986 by Roberto Motti, Centrufficio started out as a small shop in the heart of Milan and, currently has 21 showrooms in Italy, 180 employees, and a turnover of around € 40 million.

It manufactures design office products and deals with everything related to the workplace: from design to turnkey (general contractor), from the creation of bespoke projects and products, including acoustic projects.

It has a central warehouse in Pioltello MI of about 20,000 square metres and therefore ensures, for many products, furniture and wall partition walls in prompt delivery.

Main products:

  • Operative Desks
  • Executive Desks
  • Meeting Tables
  • Reception Desks

Headquarters: 20124 – Milano – Italy

Emme Italia S.r.l.

Italian Standing Desk Manufacturers- Emme Italia S.r.l.Source:

Emme Italia was established in 1995. Emme Italia collaborates with local crafts, in an area where the production of drafting machines is traditional since the 60s, forming a 30 years experienced team and also partnerships with international companies. For over 20 years Emme Italia is a leading firm in technical drawing furniture design and metal furniture.

Emme Italia products are selected by important companies in the world of design, architecture, fashion and art to create workplace design and interior design projects with industrial connotation. Thanks to a timeless style, the Emme Italia products can be selected for furnishing many different contexts: office, workshop, museum, showroom, loft. Emme Italia, thanks to a consolidated network of partners, is able to design tailored solutions, especially for workspaces and exhibition areas.

Main products:

  • Drafting tables
  • Standing desks
  • Office desks
  • School tables

Headquarters: 2H 35030 Caselle di Selvazzano (PD)


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