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Looking for the best TV Bracket company in Italy? Let us help you find your ideal supplier through our carefully selected list of TV Bracket exporters in the area!

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Top 4 TV Mount Companies in Italy

Omb Srl

Italian TV Mount Companies- Omb SrlSource:

OMB, has been designing and producing Video/Audio support for more than thirty years. It specializes in professional installations where resistance, rapidity in installation, quality and specific solutions are required and only an Italian manufacturer can deliver.

We are expert manufacturers of Video and Audio supports: we know that the right choice of materials, their mix and the production process can make a big difference in terms of results. We manufacture easy-to-install professional solutions designed to exalt Video and Audio technologies. We invest in Research and Development, to maintain our high quality standards and propose innovative solutions which are often copied by others.

Main products:

  • Video Wall Mount
  • Led Wall Mount
  • Fixed Wall Mount
  • Lift Line Mount
  • Ceiling Mount
  • Dynamic Wall Mount

Headquarters: 38070 STENICO (TN) – ITALY

Meliconi S.p.A.

Italian TV Mount Companies- Meliconi S.p.A.Source:

Meliconi S.p.A. was founded in 1967, we manufacture and market household items. Since its foundation, Meliconi has been bringing original ideas to the market that make everyday life easier. Thanks to the creativity, passion and stainless power of the good ideas of those who work there, Meliconi continues to invent a better, sustainable future.

Meliconi aims to anticipate and satisfy people’s desires and needs thanks to a wide range of quality, safe and certified products. The company wants to continue to grow and develop in Italy and abroad, consolidating a winning network of customers and suppliers to create mutual and lasting value together. The constant search for functionality and attention to customer needs has enabled the company to become a leader in the production of audio video accessories and household items.

Meliconi offers a wide range of last-generation TV mounts for any solution, aesthetically refined, designed to mount and adjust in the best way, easily, any type of television in any environment of the house, safely.

Headquarters: Bologna, 40057, Italy.

Extendo srl

Italian TV Mount Companies- Extendo srlSource:

Extendo is an Italian company specialized in the design and production of interior design items. Extendo was born from their creativity, passion for Italian design and technical know-how. The leading role that Extendo now plays in the interior design sector is the fruit of many years of experience accrued in this field. Extendo was born out of their creativity, their passion for Italian design and their technical know-how honed since the earliest years spent working.

Innovative furnishing designs coming to life thanks to an in-house design team that develops and refines the creative concept using mechanical design know-how to solve new fixtures or movements, fundamental peculiarities of a flexible product in space and time.

Main products:

  • TV support column
  • universal monitor support bracket
  • TV Floor Stand

Headquarters: 35010 Trebaseleghe PD, Italy Furniture Design

Italian TV Mount Companies- Furniture DesignSource:

Our company is based in Brianza (Italy) with thirty years of experience in the design and production of tables, consoles, chairs, TV stands, and high quality furnishings. The new frontiers of design X.ABITAre meet the most current quality contemporary furniture needs to offer projects and really made solutions “of desire”.

The design.lab division provides endless solutions within reach of the project and configuration environment that can surprise even the most demanding customer and evolved for each individual request. The company’s technical staff collaborates and makes it available with delegates professionals to discuss and focus on every detail every best variant to the respective customer requirements.

Headquarters: Brianza, Italy


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