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Looking for trustworthy manufacturers of brackets in France? In this list, we’ll help you find a reputable supplier from France, whether it be for TV Stands, or TV Carts, we’ve got them covered! Just refer to the list below.

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3 Best TV Mount Companies in France


TV Mount Companies in France- AxeosSource: axeos.net

Specialist in planning connected spaces and designing furniture for audiovisual technology integration, Axeos brings your projects to life and supports you through your most challenging projects. We design and manufacture furniture to integrate technological tools such as videoconferencing systems, digital signage, interactive screens and other solutions for collaboration.

For the last 10 years, Axeos has provided you with its AV/IT expertise to meet your requirements. Based on trust and integrity, we aim at cultivating and developing long-term relationships with our clients and partners. Today, Axeos is a team of 20 people committed to supporting its customers in all their projects.

Headquarters: Fleury-sur-Orne, France


TV Mount Companies in France- ERARD PROSource: erardpro.com

ERARD PRO develops and manufactures furniture for professional audiovisual equipment. We offer a wide range of standard or customized solutions: Mounts and furniture for all types of screens, enclosures for screens, totems/kiosks, projector mounts, mobile carts, projection screens, connection systems, etc… for a discrete and harmonious integration.

From the conception of your project to its realisation, ERARD PRO staff will bring added value solutions thanks to its R&D department, manufacturing equipment for all types of materials, wide range of skills, and trade engineering.


  • 50 years of experience
  • Expert network in France
  • Origine France Garantie

Headquarters: 38230 Pont-de-Chéruy, France


TV Mount Companies in France- ERARDSource: erard.com

ERARD is a French designer and manufacturer of AV mounts and furniture. Founded in 1961, the company has a 172,000-square-foot factory in the Lyon region in France. ERARD is known for its ability to bring innovation to the market.

A major player both in consumer and commercial audiovisual sectors, ERARD’s R&D focuses on user-friendliness and so, a half-century after its creation continues to develop, manufacture and commercialize furniture, floor stands, and wall mounts, that can accept any type of high-tech device.

The integration of production facilities enables the continuous improvement processes in which ERARD is engaged. It is also a guarantee of the quality of its products.


  • Easy enough for anybody to quickly wall mount a TV.
  • Ability to be moved and removed as many times as needed.
  • Can be combined with your existing AV furniture.

Headquarters:  Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, 38230, France

An Alternative Manufacturer

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