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Planning to buy wholesale Height Adjustable Desks in Finland? To help you source a reliable supplier in Finland, we sifted out the best companies and factories producing Height Adjustable Desks. Take a look at these companies below.

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List of Standing Desk Companies in Finland

  1. SELKAstore

Source: selkastore.eu

At SELKAstore we have several collections to serve different kinds of home office and remote work needs carefully.

For a lot of workers, a good work desk or a good workstation is a synonym for a good office computer desk. Such a large part of our work nowadays is done by tapping away at a laptop keyboard or a variety of different devices. In the home office, however, many telecommuters cannot use large-scale and expensive work tables or desktops in the same manner as in traditional offices. Luckily, modern office computer desks are both smaller and multi-functional, so that one genuinely does not need larger furniture anymore.

The adjustable desk enables you to easily adjust the computer desktop exactly to your preferred height. This enables you to work standing as well as sitting and to change your working position as often as you like. You can also use different kinds of chairs, as the work table can always be adjusted to the height you want.

Main products:

  • Height Adjustable Desk
  • Side tables
  • Standing Desks and Ergonomics

Headquarters: 15550 Nastola, FINLAND

  1. ErgoFinland Oy

Source: www.ergofinland.fi

ErgoFinland Oy is a 100% Finnish family company that has been operating under its current name since August 1, 2018. Previously, we operated under the name Avaintieto Oy, which was founded in 1982. The company’s operations continue in the second generation. The founder of Avaintieto, Kim Lönnqvist, is still the chairman of the board, and Lucas Lönnqvist took over the role of CEO in ErgoFinland. The change of name was natural when the responsibility for pulling was transferred, and the current name better describes our company’s operations.

Main products:

  • Adjustable work desks
  • One-legged desks
  • The two-legged desks
  • The three-legged electric frames

Headquarters: 00950 HELSINKI, FINLAND

  1. Seisuk Furniture Oy

Source: seisuk.fi

The best thing you can do for an ergonomic work environment is to invest in a high-quality, adjustable Seisuk electric desk. Melamine tables are very durable and easy to maintain, and they are made with Airtec laser edging technology. Sit, stand, support, stretch – feel good about your body and keep your brain active and your body moving all day long.

The Seisuki selection includes high-quality, height-adjustable table legs. With the adjustable table legs, you can comfortably move the table up and down and find a suitable standing and sitting position

Main products:

  • Electric tables
  • Wooden electric tables
  • Monitor arm with SMART gas spring
  • Monitor yourself PRO
  • Electric table legs

Headquarters: 01300 Vantaa, FINLAND

  1. SELKA Oy

Source: selka.fi

Selka is a Finnish manufacturer of public space furniture that has been operating since 1985. During this time, Selka furnished many objects familiar to Finns. You may have sat at a group of our tables on cruise ships in the Baltic Sea, or perhaps in one of the numerous cafés and restaurants all over Finland.

From SELKAstore’s products, you’ll find a wide range of different kinds of high quality home office products to complete the perfect workstation for you. The adjustable desk enables you to easily adjust the computer desktop exactly to your preferred height. This enables you to work standing as well as sitting and to change your working position as often as you like.

Main products:

  • height adjustable side table
  • height-adjustable laptop side table
  • ZERO height-adjustable laptop table
  • coffee and standing-height tables
  • height-adjustable HOP table

Headquarters: 15550 NASTOLA, FINLAND

  1. JL-Kaluste

Source: jl-kaluste.fi

JL-Kaluste is a professional producer of low-vision aids for the visually impaired and elder people. Low-vision aids help children and adults with poor vision in reading, writing, and drawing both in school and at home. The low-vision aids can easily be transported from place to place because they can be folded.

The low-vision aids can be tailor-made according to your needs upon demand. Our clients are both the public sector and individuals. Let us help you with any questions you have.

Elevated desks are designed to help visually impaired children learn. When the working position is ergonomic, the learning situation also becomes easier. The work surface of the elevated desk can be adjusted according to the individual needs of the student.

Main products:

  • Elevated desks
  • Raised tables
  • raised platform
  • solid reading stands
  • adjustable tables

Headquarters: 42870 Kotala,Finland

  1. ISKU

Source: isku.com

The products of ISKU’s own collection are manufactured at our factory in Lahti. Responsibility, quality and domesticity are important values ​​for us, which are also reflected in the manufacturing of the products. Read more and explore our versatile selection!

We make Finns’ everyday life more comfortable and functional. We design, manufacture and sell furniture, supply interior design solutions for homes and public spaces such as schools, offices and healthcare, and offer related services such as design and recycling services. We manufacture our furniture in Finland, but we deliver it all over the world – we currently operate in 16 different countries.

Main products:

  • Office desks
  • Student desks
  • Height-adjustable desks
  • Universal tables
  • Conference tables

Headquarters: 15101 Lahti, FINLAND

Manual Height Adjustable Desk

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The following are the top ergonomic companies and factories in New Zealand where you can buy wholesale or avail private labeling services. Without looking further, Raxmount is a leading company in China that has been designing, manufacturing, and exporting Height Adjustable Desks for over 20 years, and we can offer you a service that is second to none.

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