Top Ergonomic Desk Companies in Germany

Germany is a top Ergonomic Desk producer along with China and the US. If you’re looking for the best Ergonomic Desk manufacturers in Germany, you’re in the right spot!

In this article, you’ll get to know:

  • High quality producers of Standing Desks, Ergonomic Desks, and Height Adjustable Desks meet CE and EN standards.
  • Manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers offering the lowest costs for bulk Ergonomic Desks
  • Reliable suppliers with the best services offered, along with secure payment options

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Full List of Ergonomic Desk Companies in Germany

König + Neurath AG

Ergonomic Desk Companies in Germany- König + Neurath AGSource:

König + Neurath has been manufacturing office furniture since 1925. No area has changed as noticeably over the past almost 100 years as production. The carpentry workshop, where even the hardest jobs were done by hand, gradually transformed into a high-tech production centre with capacity to implement individual customer needs within a short timeframe. Some features have remained though: the location in Germany, the company’s innovative character and employee enthusiasm – and the processes are state-of-the-art and forward-looking.

At König + Neurath they use lean principles in production: customer-oriented, optimised and synchronised. All components on every single assembly line are produced “just in time”, with the assembly sequence dictating the end-to-end material flow: customer order production is pull-based. We also use the Kanban system to ensure that all information is communicated quickly and effectively. As well as optimum use of resources, our outstandingly efficient production methods allow us to bring customers an appreciable time saving – and consistently excellent product quality.


  • Many years of expertise combined with digital proficiency
  • Process and planning reliability
  • Process-optimised production times
  • Ongoing quality improvement
  • Made in Germany production
  • Extensive capability delivered by highly qualified employees

Headquarters: Karben 61184, Germany

Kesseböhmer Ergonomietechnik GmbH

Ergonomic Desk Companies in Germany- König + Neurath AGSource:

We are committed to the utmost precision and quality in our production operation. Our continuous quality management guarantees the highest quality – 100 per cent made in Germany! No product leaves our factory without our very own test certificate and quality seal.

In recent years, new developments in terms of materials and control technology have rapidly increased. It is all about finding the best materials here and using them for innovative developments. Kesseböhmer components provide the basis for our customers’ perfect designs and products.

In Kesseböhmer’ very own development laboratory, our engineers are constantly testing the best materials, devising the perfect design and applying the latest physical insights. The results are breathtaking developments. High-quality material tests precede a new development. All products undergo an extensive series of tests as part of the development process and are subjected to levels of stress that take them to breaking point.

Main products:

  • Gas-lift Systems
  • Standing desk
  • Electric Systems
  • Mechanically height-adjustable Table Frames
  • Electrically height-adjustable Table Frames

Headquarters: 73235 Weilheim/Teck, Germany

Sedus Stoll AG

Ergonomic Desk Companies in Germany- Sedus Stoll AGSource:

Founded in 1871, Sedus Stoll AG is now one of the leading European manufacturers of office furniture. The product range includes seating furniture, such as swivel and visitor chairs, as well as conference and office furniture – all “Made in Germany”. In its 150-year company history, Sedus has been continuously setting new standards, in terms of ergonomics, manufacturing processes and sustainability. The brand is synonymous with innovation and technology, quality and aesthetics and it constantly enriches the office world with contemporary concepts and high-quality office furniture.

With a particular focus on current trends, design and changes in the world of work, Sedus helps people to express their genuis. New organisational structures and forms of work call for flexible, modern furniture and tailored solutions. Particularly important are aspects that promote cooperation, communication and health of the employees. Therefore, Sedus focuses on the optimally adapted workplace, a wide range of products and quality for every chair and every desk.

  • Main products:
  • Single User Desk
  • Team Tables
  • Seminar & Conference Tables
  • Canteen & Lounge Tables
  • Reception Unit

Headquarters: 79804 Dogern, Germany


Ergonomic Desk Companies in Germany- LEUWICOSource:

Our office furniture company is one of the premium manufacturers of ergonomic workstations. We have been developing and producing high-quality furniture which meets the highest standards of functionality, design and aesthetics for almost 100 years. We are proud of our high expectations! Our values are shared not only by our staff, but also by our suppliers and partners. Together, we aspire to create superior workplace furniture which offers excellent value for money while also boasting exceptional durability and sustainability.

Many of the products supplied by LEUWICO are equipped with our patented manual rapid adjustment system or a motorised height adjustment system. So you can transform a static room into an ergonomic office in the blink of an eye. Developed with our passion for giving shape to quality, our office furniture guarantees improved flexibility and enhanced wellbeing at the workstation.

Main products:

  • Single workstations
  • Team workstations
  • Children’s desks
  • Conference desks
  • control room desks

Headquarters: Thüringen, 96484, Germany


Ergonomic Desk Companies in Germany- MoeckelSource:

Schools all over Europe use the gathered experience since 1948 and the high degree of customization that Moeckel offers in the planning and production of special tables. In rehabilitation and health care, Moeckel height-adjustable tables are like the benchmark for manufacturing. Moeckel tables are used where the health of their users is evaluated highly – regardless of age or body height.

As for multifunctional desks, Moeckel offers various smart solutions for equipment of schools, offices, it-teaching, recording studios up to staff- and coordination facilities of public administration, Poice, Fire Brigades, or civil protection.

Moeckel design is functional with elaborate ergonomic concepts. The quality is nearly indestructible with our manufacturers’ warranty and lifelong service. With products from Moeckel you invest in good health, more productivity, and in well-being.

Main products:

  • Articulated lift desks
  • Vertical lift desks
  • Drawing desks
  • Desks with fixed height

Headquarters: Hessen, 35418, Germany

Moll Funktionsmöbel GmbH

Ergonomic Desk Companies in Germany- Moll Funktionsmöbel GmbHSource:

We are the inventor of the height-adjustable children’s desk. Our desks and swivel chairs grow with the child, can be set very high or very low and flexibly adapt to ever-changing needs. They offer storage space and plenty of utility surface for writing, reading and drawing. They score points for functionality, are thought out ergonomically to the smallest detail, and are practically indestructible. And our future designs for children’s and teens’ rooms will always set innovative standards.

With our new moll unique design series, we consider all age groups and their needs in our product development — the desks and swivel chairs are designed ergonomically for both adults and children. With minimalistic visual language, an age-independent design was developed that works in completely different spaces, from the living room to the children’s bedroom.  True long-term durability comes from a combination of quality, design and function.


  • moll is innovation and tradition
  • moll 90 years of product history
  • Quality consciousness
  • Child-friendly furniture
  • Ergonomic all around

Headquarters: D-73344 Gruibingen

Veyhl GmbH

Ergonomic Desk Companies in Germany- Veyhl GmbHSource:

Since the company was founded in 1951, Veyhl produces and develops metal components and complex assemblies. Our expertise ranges from the development, design and construction of products to series production and assembly. As a system supplier and service provider, we are perfectly equipped for every step of your process starting with good ideas through to the realization. Competent contacts are at your side not only in the development of your products but also in their design.  As one of the market leaders in the fields of ergonomics and acoustics, Veyhl is a system supplier for customers in the office and furniture industry, in particular.

Our core competence is innovative workstations that optimally support their users in their everyday work – in the office or at home. Veyhl has creatively shaped the industry for decades and provides the necessary development and construction competence as well as the newest production technologies.


  • Workspaces
  • Agile Working
  • Meeting
  • Acoustics
  • Home Office

Headquarters: 75389 Neuweiler

Wilhelm Renz GmbH + Co. KG

Ergonomic Desk Companies in Germany- Wilhelm Renz GmbH + Co. KGSource:

The design of working environments has been our passion since RENZ was founded. Just like the love for form, function and material. Our drive is to furnish rooms individually and tailor-made. For a productive, open and professional working atmosphere.

We have been manufacturing sophisticated furnishings for over 140 years, and have been producing them at our Böblingen site since 1913 – always “made in Germany”. This allows us to personally inspect each piece of furniture, because it only leaves our premises when it is perfect down to the smallest detail. We combine modern industrial production with manual work. This distinguishes us from many other manufacturers and allows us to work flexibly.

Main products:

  • Height adjustable desk
  • Meeting + Conference
  • Meeting table
  • Conference table system

Headquarters: 71034 Böblingen, Germany

Riefler Industry GmbH & Co. KG

Ergonomic Desk Companies in Germany- Riefler Industry GmbH & Co. KGSource:

The success of the “Prezisionsreißzeug” was followed by the development of high-quality drawing systems, always at the pulse of the times and according to the latest technological standards. Based on the height-adjustable drawing tables, the next development to the first height-adjustable working tables followed.

The name Riefler still stands today for highest precision and perfect technology. Our excellent team of skilled workers produces products of the highest quality using the most modern processes. Riefler has more than 175 years of experience in the development and production of precision mechanics, more than 60 years of which are solely for height-adjustable tables.

The sit and stand workplaces from the Riefler system have been developed according to the latest ergonomic principles and ensure relaxed working conditions through the fast and safe change to the desired working height.  The correct viewing angle and the optimal viewing distance are taken into account. We recommend our concave contoured free form desktop which optimally matches the natural movements of the human body.


  • The Riefler system consists of an extensive range of desk types, desktop sizes and shapes.
  • Riefler is specialised in producing individual working areas to meet the desires and specifications of the customer.
  • The Riefler system includes also CAD-workplaces which have separate levels for the monitor and the desk that can be independently adjusted.

Headquarters: 87484 Nesselwang

Wilkening+Hahne GmbH+Co. KG

Ergonomic Desk Companies in Germany- Wilkening+Hahne GmbH+Co. KGSource:

Unlike virtually any other manufacturer in the office furniture industry, Wilkhahn stands worldwide for designs made in Germany. It offers high-quality office and dynamic conference furniture which are benchmarks for the entire industry. Some 60 years ago, the company made better utility value, long-lasting design and durability its goals.

Wilkhahn also sets new standards in terms of its socio-ecological approach. As the winner of the German Environmental Prize, the company has worked with architects Frei Otto and Thomas Herzog and has actively been practising environmental responsibility for over 20 years. In addition to a number of international accolades, office chair ON has also received the Federal Ecodesign Award.

Main products:

  • Mobile/flexible tables
  • Stand alone tables

Headquarters: Bad Münder, Lower Saxony

Hohenloher Spezialmöbelwerk Schaffitzel GmbH + Co. KG

Ergonomic Desk Companies in Germany- Hohenloher Spezialmöbelwerk Schaffitzel GmbH + Co. KGSource:

We started in 1879 with the first German industrial school furniture production. What began with a patented inkwell in the school desk, continued to include patented developments for chairs, tables and flexible media ceiling supply systems. Today, we design holistic furnishing solutions that make learning more colorful, happy, ergonomic and safe. Millions of students worldwide rely on the quality and pedagogical flexibility of our products every day.

Since 2014 we are part of the Waldner group. Within the company network, we can offer you even greater performance and industrial quality than ever before. For example, fully automatic body manufacturing sets new standards across Europe, and sophisticated exhaust air technology ensures even greater safety and energy efficiency when experimenting with hazardous substances. Together with Waldner Dimensions, we even offer modular room-in-room solutions and all technical building services from a single source. We call it the “all-in-one solution”, is expandable and easily reduced.

Headquarters: 74613 Öhringen

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